AC Ryan Playon HD PV73500 remote

I rebuild My old AC Ryan Playon HD PV73500
And Put in My RPi 3 B+ in it.
This just to get a better experience from it where the old AC Ryan had a lack of support for kodi. I got the powerbutton working.
I connected the IR to 3v3, ground and the output to gpio 18.
How Do i get this to work??
I found out that the AC Ryan Playon HD PV73500 is a form on linux based Mcenter, Firmware AC Ryan Pv73500.
But i Cant find the remote config file in that zip file after extracting it?

  1. Is there anyone who Can help me extract the remote settings file from the AC Ryan firmware?
  2. And What are the proper setting within Osmc/ kodi to get this working?
    *Im running the latest Osmc
    *The remote & reciever work (outside Osmc)
  • The relay is for a 12v fan and to power up a 2TB sata drive ( future project).

Best Regards Mike