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Hi every one,
I changed the config of sshd_config and made a mistake when copying public key to my home directory. I can’t log in ssh mode anymore. So I need to log with console.
When I try to quit et hit escape on my french keyboard, nothing happen. something else which is annoying me, is that I can’t type with the keyboard in field, such as username and password, when I try to add a samba sharing. I have to move with arrows.
Normally we can type with keyboard to enter information in the fields?

This, Wiki - OSMC

will lead you to this, Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

Thanks for the reply.

I did read this wiki and many other posts related to my problem.

When I quit OSMC, I hit ESC on thje splash screen but nothing happens. Maybe linked to my problem I can’t type with my keyboard in osmc. I have to move with arrows on the keyboard displayed when I want to fill in fields. Moreover I have another bluetooth keyboard with a usb dongle. It works well in raspbian and in recovery mode. But when osmc begins to start, the keyboard stop working.

I did this:
apt-get install console-data
apt-get install console-setup
Then I configured the console using the newly installed package:
dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

I can now type in form but only with keys 123456789 above keys QWERTYUIOP in T9 mode. Others Keys still not working.
console is still unavailable. (hit esc on splash screen)

edit i’m running lastest version 17-02

no more ideas?

If you run,[quote=“zodd31, post:4, topic:23533”]
apt-get install console-dataapt-get install console-setup

We can’t really provide support for this setup.

If you want to pursue this with a fresh install, let me know.

I have now a fresh install. same problem. Mouse is working. Keyboard doesn’t work. I can’t type anything in fields but arrows,enter,escape are working in osmc.
ESCAPE doesn’t work to enter console. Hitting esc on splash screen has no effect.
Do you know where I can find a log to give me a clue??

It would be great to have some help

Every USB keyboard I have (3) all work without issue. I’m not sure how we can help other than advising that you try another keyboard.

ActionA is correct, try another keyboard.

Not every wired USB keyboard will work with the RPi. See RPi USB Keyboards -