Access external HDD from Windows

Hi there,
First of all, thank you for all your help.

Without it, I would not have been able to set up osmc, which I love.

Also, what I did is I install Deluge to download torrents on an external HDD. Everything works? I can access my SD card on Raspberry PI from Windows 8.1 using either Mobaxterm or Bitwize SSH but I would like to be able to access also my HDD remotely to rename the files that I’m downloading.

Yet, I can’t seem to see any option in either of the two SSH clients I’m using. Can anybody help, help, please?
Cheers, Olly

To be honest your question is not really clear but assuimng you want to rename files via SSH (meaning console) and not scp you would need to just execute mv <original name> <new name> if on the other hand you want to do the renaming in a graphic environment it would be either by SCP (and then depends on your SCP client) or you should consider installing samba.

On your Rpi in the app store you can enable samba server.
On your win 8.1 device in the windows explorer you could choose “connect network drive”.
Give it a Letter, under directory write the ip adress of the Rpi and the path to the hdd like this:
\“ip_adress_of_rpi”\media"name of hdd" or just the ip adress…should also work.
Now a window should pop up asking you for username and password of the user specified in the samba server settings. By default it’s osmc:osmc

Try midnight commander

Thank you fzinken, trohn_javolta, ActionA for your help.

trohnn, I think your solution was the one. I was very close to accessing the hard drive from Windows, except in the meantime, I found out I had several errors in Deluge: It seems that Deluge could not download on my external hard drive (permission denied). From the information I gathered, it looks like it does have the permissions required to write on the Hard drive.

What I did is I shut down the Raspberry, thinking I could take care of it in the morning. This morning, it does not start properly. Osmc is displayed and a bunch of texts appear on the left hand site with many errors. I knew I had made errors when trying to config the hard drive, so no surprise here.

What I’d like to do now is to restore osmc to its previous state - before yesterday - so I do not have to reinstall everything. I’ll look into the forum to see how to do that and if I can’t find any information, will open a new topic. Once everything’s restored, I will try and access the hard drive using the ip address as you suggested.

Thanks again for your help, guys.

Ok, I have reinstalled everything. HDD is recognized by osmc and from osmc can be found at media/Rpi HD. From Windows Explorer and Firefox, I have entered \the IP address of my Rpi\media\RPi but get a File not found. Any idea why?

Did you install the Samba Server from App Store?
What do you get with \\IP of Rpi\

Yes, I have installed Samba. I use MobaXterm as my SSH client and can access my sd card with, so I should be able to see my hdd with HDD (that’s the name I’ve chosen for my external hdd), right?

Suggest you read the full post and answer the full post!
What do you get with \\IP of Rpi\

Also for troubleshooting install smbclient on OSMC with sudo apt-get install smbclient and then post the output of smbclient -L localhost

Sorry, do I need to enter the instruction \IP of Rp\ in the terminal? That’s a command?

No, that is what you would enter into your windows explorer, but watch-out it is \\IP of Rpi\ with “\”