Access file system

I am trying to resolve some buffering issues with my Raspberry Pi and need to add an advanced settings XML to the usr folder but can’t access it in osmc and when I try to add it through Linux to the SD card it tells me I don’t have permission. Any ideas? Any way to get to the file system in osmc?

What do you mean by “through Linux”? Because if you SSH in under the osmc user, the ~/.kodi/userdata/ folder is owned by osmc and therefore, cannot tell you that you don’t have permission.

sorry I wasn’t clear on that. I pulled the SD and am accessing it through my Linux Mint PC. Trying to avoid ssh, my terminal skills are extremely rusty.

Just put it back in the pi, boot it, and use an sftp client like filezilla to move stuff from the Mint PC to OSMC.

Maybe your uid doesn’t match between the systems. I find it usually works for people with one account on a computer since the uid would be the same default first one giving out. But if you have multiple accounts they it could cause permission errors when accessing the memory cards osmc home directory. You could try doing it as root to get around that. Or as a user with matching uid

Filezilla worked. Thanks for the assist.