Access OSMC command line from anywhere without port forwarding

I have OSMC installed on a Raspberry Pi model B. The RPi is behind a router at my place of residence. I do not have access to this router. I wish to access the terminal from my place of work (which includes off-site work visiting customers). I have tried to configure ngrok without success. Maybe this is the answer, maybe there is something better or easier.

How can I access the OSMC terminal from any outside network without access to the router at my place of residence?

I’ll explain what I can do and what I want to do.

I have a python script that monitors an email address specific to my RPi. I can send a command to the email address and the RPi will run the command and return by email the output. For example, if I email “ls” to the email address, I get a reply with the contents of the home directory.

The documentation for ngrok states that by running a command like ngrok http 80, the publicly accessible IP address of the RPi is returned. I want to email the RPi a command, get the IP address replied to me and then be able to putty to the command line.

Setup a openvpn server perhaps ? never head of ngrok before seems redundant when there is simpler solutions

I have got Weaved working on a raspbian system, it might be worth a look:

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Never heard of Weaved but now a big fan. I got it installed on a Raspberry Pi 1 using this guide:

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This is cool - thanks for sharing! :smile:

I will add a couple of things that I noticed when installing:

  1. the wget command downloads to current directory, so you can see the downloaded file using ls -al and rename it with mv weavedconnectd-1.3-02.deb?raw=true weavedconnectd-1.3-02.deb

  2. the instructions mention using crontab to get weaved to autostart on reboot. Since crontab is not enabled in osmc by default, I used rc.local instead (which is enabled):
    sudo nano /etc/rc.local
    {add line at end, but before the exit 0 row}: sh /usr/bin/

I now use Dataplicity ( Very simple install and easy to use.

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