Access OSMC media drive from VLC on Android

I have an OSMC player on a Raspberry Pi2 connected to my TV in the main building.
In another building connected to the same LAN I have a TV with a ChromeCast device, on which I wanted to play content stored on a 1TB hard drive connected to the Rpi2. The drive is mounted as MEDIADRIVE and is shared using SAMBA. I can reach it easily as a shared drive from my Windows7 PC (that is how I upload the mp4 movies).
Since KODI can not play content to a Chromecast (separate thread) I looked at the VLC app on Android and it has the ability to cast media files to Chromecast. I have tested it using a share on my Win7 PC.
However, when VLC tries to connect to the samba share on the OSMC RPi2 box I get into an eternal loop during login. It seems like the user/password that works fine on Windows 7 to access the drive is not accepted coming from VLC on Android…
I fully updated my OSMC installation about a month ago so it should be on the latest version.


  1. Where can I find the samba configurations for user logons on OSMC?
    I can find the main /etc/samba/smb.conf file but the file that is mentioned inside this conf file (/etc/samba/smb-shares.conf) seems not to exist.

  2. How do I add samba userlogins on OSMC?

  3. Can an OSMC samba share be accessed from Android 8?

OK, I found the problem now!
Turns out that the samba share uses the old password for user osmc.
Some time ago I changed it from the default out of the box password, but for some reason the samba password for user osmc remains the same old one!!!
Seems like a security issue.

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OSMC and Samba passwords are different.
You need to use smbpasswd to change samba passwords.

I have now used smbpasswd to change the samba password while logged on via PuTTY.
It now works OK from my Android phone using VLC.
But I had to disconnect the mapped drive in Windows 7 and then map it yet again to use the new password.
And now I can send local video from the OSMC samba share to ChromeCast using VLC on my Galaxy S7 phone where I can browse for the file to use.
Mission accomplished (hopefully not the Bush way).