Access Samba share from internet (not LAN)?

first off, lets get one thing straight -yes i know i shoudnt port forward SAMBA -and yes VPN will be safer, when thats said, HERE goes:

(it seems that i cannot write backslash in this forum, so instead i will just use frontslash)

i can connect to my SAMBA share throug:
Windows explorer> //

i now have portforwarded the ports:
135 tcp
137 udp
138 tcp
139 tcp
445 both tcp and udp

but i cannot connect via my global ip, i already tried with: (here i will just use a example ip lets say 11.222.333.444.555)

well i can connect via, my global ip when im on Lan
but when im outsite my lan (and connect via the internet)
i cannot

plz help mee :smiley:

All I will say is that this is REALLY not recommended.

It’s unlikely to work anyway, as most ISP’s these days block the windows file sharing ports on the public internet exactly for the reason that it’s not safe.

Find another way to do it, like a VPN, or using an SSH tunnel. (And if you do the latter, remember to change the default osmc password)

okay i get it
i WILL not do it, but is it safe to use a vpn???

now another question
when im inside my Lan network, and “map network drive” in windows 8.1 on ip “” it only shows 6GB free out of 7GB and it is a 500GB haddrive???