Access Storage Folders from MicroSD on PC/Mac

Hi all I have a quick/noob question

Each time I want to transfer my video files to a folder in the “home/myVids” (for instance) folder of the Rpi/Kodi I can only do it running OSMC/Kodi on the Rpi and accessing via network

How can I access “physically” the microSD placing it into a card reader and passing the files from a computer to the card so that I can later re-insert it in the Rpi and be able to access my newly copied video files? Thanks much! :slight_smile:

The SD card is formatted as EXT4 which is not natively supported on MAC/Windows. So if you want to access the SD Card you can:

  1. Install a helper tool to make it accessible on MAC/WIN (just google “MAC EXT4”)
  2. Start a LiveLinux either via USB or as Virtual Machine

It seems to me that it would be quite inconvenient to keep pulling your system down to transfer files like this. If you wanting to stick with SD for some reason perhaps a better way would be to just get a 8gb SD and run the OS off of that and then use a small USB SD reader to mount your larger SD card with your media. You could reformat this larger SD to a file system easily readable by both OS’s.

Thanks I appreciate the suggestion :+1:

Thanks much appreciated.

Eventually I found that ExtFS for mac would allow reading the storage partition of the microSD. I was only doing that to let a family member access some content locally since the resources on the network were not accessible due to an error which reported a cryptic “file exists” and would refuse to connect to any share on the local network. The problem got solved installing libreelec. So while I continue to follow OSMC, I can’t say it was as friendly as I would have liked/expected. Too bad… but I hope it will become comparable if not superior.