Access to filesystem without network connection

I accidentally mess the connman systemd service up while trying the nodnsproxy option and now I have no network on Vero 4K and when I try to Enable Wired or Wireless Adapter, Networking add-on catches an unhandled exception.
Is there a way to access filesystem to revert the changes that broke networking?

If you plug in a keyboard and press “esc” during boot it will drop you into the terminal instead of loading Kodi.

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Do I need to enable some options? Because I couldn’t reach to terminal by pressing esc

Reached to terminal by pressing shift and del

Sorry about that. I could have sworn I was able to do that not that long ago but have not tried since the last two updates. I should have just pointed you to the wiki where it outlines telling kodi to exit (instead of rebooting) and then pressing esc to get to the terminal, and that works.

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