Access to iPlayer from Outside UK

Is it possible to access BBC iPlayer from outside the UK from the Vero4K.?
I have Zomboidedinstalled on my Vero4K and all the VPN providers I have run under Zomboided so far have worked fine for general streaming but they can’t get past the BBC blocking - even the ones that do get past the blocking when I use them on a browser on my PC.

Sorry, we don’t provide support for bypassing geo restrictions.

I think that iPlayer has got quite tough now with VPN, so it may be extremely challenging to do this.

Isn’t geo-blocking illegal in the EU?

I have no idea as I’m not in the EU, but I’m not sure a “policy” makes something illegal without a law.

It is a regulation rather than a policy and UK has enacted it.
However, it only applies to “trade” which I assume this is not.
EU due to look at broadening the scope this year.
No idea if UK will still follow it post Brexit or even if it will make a difference inside UK.

IIRC state broadcasters had exemption from the other EU regulation about accessing home broadcasts while travelling.

In any case, OP not in EU so doesn’t apply.

Yes it is possible and it does not require a VPN.

@bluefuzz How? :smile:

Use a dns-spoofing service.

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Can’t see how that would work with Zomboided. Is there a DNS spoofer on their list of providers?

I’ve no idea what zomboided is, so can’t help you there … but whatever it is you don’t need it to use iPlayer.