Access to the Cloud?


I just ordered a Vero 4k+. Looks like a fine unit to playback mediafiles.
I have one question though.

I only want to use this machine to playback movie files.

Is it possible to directly access a cloud backup? Something like Backblaze?

Can I use a 1 bay nas and let this sync with a cloudservice?

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I think I have found my own anwer. I can buy a nas and let this automatic sync with a cloud service.
That way I can use the nas to playback. And I have a safe backup.

This way I only need a one bay Nas. I don`t need raid for this. Maybe a 2-bay for better ram configuration or speed.

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Unless you have multiple users accessing lots of data on the NAS I would just go with a single drive. Speed should be more than fast enough.

If it fails you would then just have to resync everything again from the cloud.

Unless of course if internet data is expensive where you are, then it might make sense using 2 drives and syncing between them (Or use hardware raid if you have. Stay away from software raid, imo it bring nothing but headaches)

You will have to weigh up data costs vs extra drive costs vs how critical are your movies :slight_smile:

Thank you. I will buy a single nas just for storing non critical data. I will sometimes backup these.
No need for raid.

Ive checked for a new multiple bay nas. They are expensive. That costs together with extra harddisks and a higher energybill doesnt weigh up to losing some movie files.

What I have been doing for media storage is purchasing external hard drives in pairs when they come up on sale for a good price (the large ones with their own power supply). One of the drives gets used for the active share, the other I plug in once a week and use a program (FreeFileSync) to sync the changes. A couple times a year I have that program do a bit for bit comparison of all the files just to make sure nothing has gotten corrupted. It may not be the most elegant solution manually plugging in drives once a week, but it is effective and produces a very safe backup at a minimal cost. If a live drive goes down I can just swap in the backup and purchase a new backup drive so downtime is minimal in case of failure.