Accessing 0.ts file (live TV) - Humax Foxsat HDR

Hi All!

Todays challenge…I am accessing the 0.ts file on my networked Humax Foxsat-HDR HDR box from my networked Vero 4k box (18.4 on a Vero4k)
I can locate the 0.ts file but after 20 seconds or so it rewinds itself back to the beginning.
On my Mac I have the same version of Kodi and no problems…I can access recorded stuff on both no problems…just the live TV bit is a problem.

Anyone got any pointers please?

Can’t really test at the mo…as my dog bit the end off my Vero power cable…but very happy to report that our Sam is sending me out a new one new week!

Many thanks,


When you get the new power supply, please upload some debug logs (a sample of the file could also be useful).



Now I have resurrected, whilst I await a new power supply, my old ATV1 with build 16.1 Nov 22 2016 can access the live section within the Humax box like a dream…strange but true…


As I would understand it’s not a physical file just a file handler for the live streams

Ok…so back at it getting my box as good as can be.

Vero 4k - Kodi 18.6 Compiled 20 March 2020

However, I still can’t access the 0.ts live file on my Humax box. Here are my logs:

It will play for 10 seconds and then loop to the beginning again.

On my Mac and Apple TV (ATV1) I have latest Kodi installed and they can access this no problem…so hopefully a little tweak required my end! I should add it doesn’t work with the latest OSMC build either…I just downgraded to the March 2020 version so I could play a Spotify addon.

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