Accessing drive on remote computer


I was wondering if there is any way to access a drive on a remote computer (ie, not on the same physical location) using ZeroTier One or something similar.


Hi. Short answer yes, longer answer - you will have to have your machines all on the same zerotier network (ie zerotier installed and running connections). I ‘extend’ my own network this way (with a completely different network address set, of course) when I am out so I can access my main server and RPi/RockPi boxes. I have not tried the Vero for this since I don’t need Kodi remotely (it’s already on my laptop).

Hello Martin,
The issue is, only machines running zerotier can access the zerotier network. Is there zerotier for the vero 4k?

What I would like is something along this lines:

Remote location
File Server running zero tier

Vero 4k

I do have a PC locally, also running zerotier, and from the PC I can access the file server fine. The question is, how to do it from the vero4k, with either zerotier or another solution?


Tailscale let’s you set it up as a subnet router so its just like you’re connected yo your normal network.

Hello Mark,
Do you know how to configure tailscale?
My file server (lets call it A, on site X) is on ip

My home pc (lets call it B, on site Y) is on ip
My Vero4k is on site Y, and is on ip

Vero sees computer B, but not computer A. Computers A and B, with tailscale installed, see each other fine. But I can’t seem to make the subnet router thing work.

Thanks for any help.

Vero will need tailscale installed on it. You’ll also need to enable the subnet router on A if you wanted further access on that network from the vero, if you enable it on B you’ll be able to access the vero from A. I don’t think you really need it in your use case.

There’s a diagram and explanation on there that should help.

And how do I go about installing Tailscale on Vero? I didn’t know this was even possible…

If you look on the website there’s some Linux instructions or search on here as I’m sure there was a big thread on it. I haven’t got a vero4k at the moment but I don’t think it was too complicated. Maybe start a new topic as I’m no expert but I’m sure there’s plenty on here.

I might have done it through entware I’m not sure now.

It was actually absurdly simple. Just login to the vero 4k by telnet and use the one-line install instructions for Tailscale on linux. And voilá. Literally less than 5 minutes. I’d already spent well over 6 hours trying to sort this. Thanks for your help. Its truly appreciated.

(1) Telnet to vero 4k+
(2) type:
curl -fsSL | sh
(3) type:
sudo tailscale up
(4) authorize by typing the link given on (3) on a browser

Ahhh good to hear, yes once figuring out the initial stuff I do like the simplicity of tailscale. You can take your vero anywhere and access your servers, I usually use a firestick 4k if I’m going away as it’s bit smaller. But have my offsite backup connected full time sounds similar to you.