Accessing MariaDB Library on NAS remotely with KODI?

I have a central mySQL library using MariaDB hosted on my Synology NAS and was hoping to use this to connect KODI remotely while I’m away from home for a few weeks. Has anyone tried this before with success? Thanks!

I think I just answered your question on the Kodi forum. Tailscale might work, but if you’re taking you OSMC box with you I’m not 100% sure if the Tailscale client will run on OSMC.

Of course three posts down there is this:

Ha! I think you did yes. I already have Tailscale setup on NAS and also Vero using this guide.

I’ve tried adjusting the details in advancedsettings.xml with the Tailscale NAS IP but keep getting this error.

Unable to open database: MyMusic82 [2002](Can't connect to server on '[TAILSCALE IP]' (115))

Would suggest to use a direct VPN Connection LAN to LAN then you don’t have to reconfigure anything in terms of IP Addresses. You could use either Openvpn or Wireguard for that.

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