Accessing Pi 2 via FTP from a differrent network?

Hi there,

I’ve downloaded FTP from the App store and it works perfectly.

I can now use Filezilla to access my Pi from my laptop via my home wifi network and transfer files from my laptop to the external HDD I have connected to the Pi, which is awesome.

Is there a way I can remotely connect from a different network?

For example, I’d like to be able able to use Filezilla to access my Pi (which is at home) from a computer at my place of work?

I’ve had a search of the forum but nothing obvious has jumped out at me.

Cheers in advance for any help,


Please do not attempt to use FTP across the WWW. It is notoriously insecure and sends username/passwords in plaintext and unencrypted. But you are in luck, Filezilla supports SFTP which tunnels through an SSH (secure and encrypted) connection. I would STRONGLY suggest changing your SSH port to a non standard port and change the default password for the osmc user before portforwarding though.

Hey buddy, thanks for getting back to me.

Any chance you could point me in the direction of something a bit more specific?

I’m a total noob to the Pi and Linux based systems and I’ve been trying (and failing) to set this up for over an hour now.

Can anyone give me some help?

I’m a total noob and need this explained to me in more detail.

  1. I suggest patience if you want people to help you
  2. it is not too easy if you a really a total noob to Linux and networking
  3. As a starting point you would need to be able to SSH into your OSMC box:
    a. Assuming that you are having a windows machine you can install putty PuTTY: a free SSH and Telnet client as a ssh client.
    b. Establish a connect to osmc using user/password osmc/osmc.

When you are successful with that we can start walking you thru the next steps which are a bit more complex.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m able to SSH into my OSMC box. I followed a tutorial on Youtube last night, even managed to change the default password from “osmc” to something a bit more secure as was suggested on another part of the forum.

Great so:

  1. Try transfer locally files using sftp as ActionA indicated in his link how to sftp raspberry pi - Recherche Google when successful with that we go the next step
  2. Now we have to open up your OSMC towards the internet. First you really should be sure that you want to do that because there always remains a small risk when doing that. So to do that you would have to give a few more information how you are connected to the internet (e.g. which router you use,…). Basically what you need to do is establish a portforwarding on your router to your best by using externally a different port than 22. We can help you if we know you router details.

I am able to transfer files locally on my home network between my laptop and my Pi using Filezilla.

When you say that there is a risk in opening up my OSMC to the internet, what risks do you mean exactly?

To clarify, I bought a Raspberry Pi 2 recently and I put OSMC on it to use it solely as a media player. I have a dedicated hard drive attached to it that contains only my movies and TV shows. I don’t use the Pi for anything else. If it was hacked in some way all they would see was a hard drive with some films on right? Or am I being massively naïve? (The latter option is extremely possible BTW)

I can give you the exact make and model of my router a little later on when I’m home, but basically I’m with Sky TV and it’s the stock Sagem router that looks like this:

Ok, one by one:

  1. I wouldn’t say that you are “massively naive” generally you are right the danger most likely is only the OSMC being hacked.
  2. Ok, that Sagem story would not make it easier as I never have handled that before.
    I found the following guide

But that indicates to me that you can only do plain portforwarding e.g. port 22 on internet to port 22 on the OSMC. But for security reasons we wanted to have it on another port.

To be honest this becomes a bit complicated now and I think we are blowing up this thread. Suggest you send me a PM and we take it from there.

Cool, I’ll PM you directly. Thanks so much for your help so far.