Accessing Remote FTP/WebDav Server Via Pi OSMC

Hi all,

I’ve searched the forums, but not found a specific answer to this question and wanted to be sure before purchasing a Raspberry Pi 2 and installing OSMC.

I have a D-Link DNS 320L ShareCenter with a user account set up to access the files via FTP and WebDav. As I do not have a static IP (and cannot get one alas), I instead have an account with no-ip to provide a host name, so the shares are accessible via this host name (i.e., ftp://[hostname] for FTP and [hostname] for WebDav).

Can I add either the FTP or the WebDav shares as a source via the hostname (i.e., not via an IP address)?

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On the Kodi device use Add Source, select FTP, fill in the
credentials and your Kodi device will be able to connect to that FTP
server and play files more or less like if the files were local.

See also: Video library/Adding media sources
Add Videos
Add network location

I only don’t understand why you need no-ip for in this case
If you share on the local network, your D-Link must have also a local network ip (which is static like 192.168.0.x)
Select FTP from the protocol menu
Complete other fields as required


Thank you for the quick answer :smile:

I’m using no-ip because I often need to access the shared folders when I’m not on the local network (such as when staying round with family or when on holiday with access to wi-fi).

Your answer helps me perfectly. I’ll bookmark the page for future viewing.