Accessing W10 drives

Is anyone able to help me with accessing files on a W10 PC from OSMC?

I’ve followed guidance (from: File sharing with a NAS, media server, windows share or other device) and tried the following things:

  1. Turned on SMB 1.0 in Windows
  2. Changed OSMC Max protocol to SMB1

According to the above page that should be all that is required.

However when I try to browse a source from OSMC it cannot see my PC.
I’ve also tried adding my PC manually and entering the username and password but it still fails to see it.

I then found another thread that suggested setting min and max SMB to v3 but that didn’t work either

Scratching my head here and would appreciate any help.

I have no issues connecting to Windows 2016 server (which is essentially Windows 10) using SMB2 or SMB3 as the max protocol.
Note that SMB connections can fail if the default workgroup/domain name is different between the client and the server, so make sure you explicitly add that in the “password” dialog. You can use either the WORKGROUP\user syntax or user@domain syntax.
You can test using the smbclient command from the command line:

smbclient //YourServer/Sharename -W YOURWORKGROUP -U YourUser -m SMB2

I forgot to mention that SMB browsing doesn’t work at all in Kodi on Linux, so manual entry is your only choice, and smbclient will help to debug issues.

Thank you for your response.

"You can test using the smbclient command from the command line:"

Can you help me with that. Where do I do that?

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki:

You then would need to install smbclient via
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install smbclient

And then issue the command as written above.
While I would start with a easier one as smbclient -L IP-OF-SERVER

“smbclient //YourServer/Sharename -W YOURWORKGROUP -U YourUser -m SMB2”

I connect successfully from my PC using Putty but get:
"unknown command “smbclient”

You need to install it:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install smbclient