Activated/Disabled items not very clear in OSMC skin

Hello everyone,

First off, I’d like to say that I love OSMC skin. Now that’s it’s said, one thing that bothers me is that I find it difficult to quickly understand if an item is activated or not, if an option is on or not.

There are simply two squares, one brighter than the other, and I’m always wondering if the greyed out square means the thing is currently on of off.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t know, does anyone feel the same ?

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Which version are you on, the skin has changed significantly in the last update?


I have seen improvements on the front of making highlighted menus more visible over the past releases.
However I’m afraid the clarity of the items checkboxes I was talking about earlier didn’t seem improved.
I’m running the latest version available (clean install performed this morning).

From or NOOBS? What version do you see in the bottom corner of My OSMC?


Yes from ; my version June 2015 2015.06-1

I feel the same as you running latest OSMC, the skin was updated but still hard to see

I really think we’d be better off with a different approch concerning this matter:
Instead of having a greyed out square and a brighter square (not very clear which of those corresponds to the Activated/Deactivated state in my opinion), I think we should have an empty square for the Deactivated state, and a square filled by maybe a yellow “v” meaning that it’s activated.

It would be much clearer for most users I think, and it could look fairly good :slight_smile:


This is still an issue. Right after you use the Setup Wizard (selected items in this wizard are visible yellow) this problem occurs: on my tv (a Sony W706 32", 2014 model, 1080P LCD) I cannot see which item is selected, making it impossible to do anything.

For example, I managed by counting the number of “clicks” I hear to import my library, but the OSMC app is more difficult, there is absolutely no distinction between selected and non-selected items. For that reason I could not toggle max_usb power AND save the setting.

The skin is therefore completely unusable. I love the skin, but hate that I cannot use it. I switched to Eminence, with Eminence even the OSMC app has clear selections, even though the UI is not perfectly outlined (which makes sense, Eminence doesn’t support the addon).

Please fix the issue. I have taken a few photos to proof selections are just as white as non-selected items, will attach them asap.

tested on OSMC all versions since june including the October image.

I confirm that the OSMC skin is not clear and on some TV it is very difficult to setup because is unclear what option is selected (this lightyellow on white is often confusing); I love OSMC except for the skin that drive me crazy when I setup a new RPI



at first setup, it is completely impossible on PC monitors to see the selection. After setup has been completed, for some reason it is visible in Kodi but still invisible in My OSMC. Please fix this, it is now impossible to finish setup for me for one particular setup in a bedroom.

You’re going to need to provide a screen shot to indicate what you mean - it’s very hard to tell from your description what you’re referring to.

I agree…the contrast between selected and non-selected is not very good. This makes on screen searching near impossible.

With OSMC 2016-2 (Kodi 16.0) I still have this issue. But it’s really strange, when I take screenshots and look at them on my tv or laptop, I can see the selected item clearly:

For example:


But if you compare it with what I actually see on my tv (Sony W7):

It is completely different: there is no difference in color from unselected (white) items and the OK button. I didn’t even know OK was selected in this screen, when I took the picture.

Yup - this was a big issue for me as well when setting it up. The initial setup is such a great feature to get started quickly, but I was constantly going back-forth because I couldn’t tell what was selected.

I think it would be easily fixed by simply putting a ‘check’ in the box.

It would probably also be nice to make the highlight colour very vibrant, as it’s also difficult to see the entire row/option that is currently selected.

I would suggest you check your TV contrast, brightness and colour temperature settings.
Also Sony has the Dynamic Video Mode function that might mess that up.

Agreed. The difference between activated and non-activated settings is somewhat subtle, if the contrast/brightness settings of the TV are out of adjustment it might be “crushing” the contrast between the two.

It could also be a “dynamic contrast” mode enabled on your TV, and because the background is largely black it cranks up the brightness to compensate thus washing out the whites so you can’t distinguish between grey and white. “Football mode” is another mode that might cause this.

I would suggest finding a good article on the net about how to do a basic calibration of the picture settings on your TV - modern TV’s have loads of useless picture settings with confusing names that largely only serve to make the picture quality worse. On my Samsung I have nearly all of these “features” turned off to get the best picture quality, and spent some time calibrating it and figuring out just what some of the settings were trying to do. (Documentation is useless on the exact purpose of some of the settings)

BTW notice that even the difference between yellow and grey is not visible on your photograph, so the TV is definitely some way out of adjustment.

No wonder there haven’t been updates for a while… I thought white was selected.
After all, menu items turn from Grey to White as you select/scroll through them.
I don’t like it - at all.

Not sure what you’re talking about there - white is selected, and grey is unselected.

Just FYI, I checked my TV settings, but I also have an Iiyama ProLite XB2483HSU in my bedroom. This screen is praised for its color representation and is supposed to be one of the best 24". I have the exact same issue on this screen. Also on an LG tv.

But to be more specific: the issue is really when there is a black background and white text (in popup menus). The normal blue menus are OK.

I saw the mockups of the new upcoming skin, looks like this will be taken care of anyway.

Would it be better to have a tick for enabled and maybe an x for disabled on the box instead maybe.