Active Shutter 3D Support

I have a 3D projector with Active Shutter 3D glasses, should I be able to view 3D movies from OSMC Kodi or is this not supported yet?
I have tried, but it doesn’t display correctly.

This seems to indicate that Kodi currently provides no support for active 3D. For a more detailed answer you will probably want to seek support directly from Kodi at

Active / Passive is determined by the display, not the playback device so they should work fine. I have a projector with active shutter glasses and have no issues. The Raspberry Pi can play a variety of 3D content formats.


Some early 3D ready projectors need alternating frame input @120 Hz to operate in 3d mode but most newer ones can convert 3D formats like thb or sbs to display them with their built in software.

I use active 3D aswell, but then on a 2015 model big screen tv, works perfectly!