Adafruit Retrogame Virtual GPIO keyboard

Hi all,

I have been making a Raspberry Pi OSMC box for when I am away at hotels. To keep things simple I wanted to use Adafruits Retrogame GPIO virtual keyboard (GitHub - adafruit/Adafruit-Retrogame: Raspberry Pi GPIO-to-virtual-keyboard utility for classic game emulators) so I can have buttons on the box to control the player with. I have 9 buttons which are mostly copied over from the remote for OSMC that came with my Vero box (nice hardware btw) and should allow most of the basic use of the machine.

However I have installed Retrogame and have it running but it isn’t sending the key presses to OSMC/Kodi. Is this just something that won’t work or am I missing something?

I have tried to have a look online but most of the searches I came up with were about running RetroPie with OSMC/Kodi (I guess the search engine was picking up the word retro on the query).

You could check Kodi.log and evtest to see if the presses are being detected.

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This seems to suggest that they know it doesn’t work and don’t have a fix currently


Thanks to you both :slight_smile: Shame it doesn’t seem to work. I have found another way using Python and a Kodi library that is using the JSON web commands. It isn’t as simple as just using a keyboard (virtual or otherwise) as the system have context command changes. i.e. in the menu’s pressing left and right moves the selection left and right, where as in a video it would rewind/fastforward. With the web commands telling it input.Left is literally nothing more than a left navigation input and does nothing while in a video (unless I bring up the gui).

I am currently looking to see if I can get the current status (and thus the mode it is in) and have the context change in the Python script its self.

All that said, I have it working mostly and i can get it to function like this so maybe that is enough for my needs - a player to use while in hotels lol

Again thanks for the help and for finding that issue jb2cool :smiley: