Add Actor Info ability to OSMC Default Skin


When using the default kodi skin, when you go into the information page it will show the actor’s/crew involved in making the movie/show. It also gives you the option to press up when highlighting the actor’s picture to view actor’s info such as biography, films they been in etc. If you don’t have the embuary info plugin installed for this it will prompt you to install it the first time you do this.

I’ve noticed that this feature is not available on the default OSMC skin when the embuary info plugin is installed, at least I cannot find it (just got my Vero V the other day, it’s great!). Would it be possible to add this option to the OSMC default skin?

Thank you!

The request is noted. :+1:t3: We have however decided to not support any additional info addons until now as the info dialog for movies and TV shows is already pretty cluttered as is…

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You can install from Kodi’s repo both “Embuary Info” and “Embuary Info-Open dialog” which will allow you to use this add-on on skins that do not have baked in support for it. The second add-on puts in a context menu option for library items that opens the info for the media that you context menu’d in Embuary Info and once you are there you can click on an actor to bring up the view that you get when you press up on a highlighted actor in Estuary’s fullscreen info window.