Add Advanced Audio Formats

Hi,I would love to see dolby atmos , dts hd ,true hd and dts hd-ma audio formats supported with the best media player which is osmc. Thank you . Have a nice day.

They’re supported.

Hey, thanks for the response , why aren’t flagged since they are supported? My tv supports all these formats and I also have libreelec on my other pi and when I pay these formats it is flagged with these formats like it displays that the current media is 4k, atmos, dts hd, true hd etc. Why osmc doesn’t display the media flags?


Which skin are you using?

Default osmc skin and by flag I mean for the tortious to appear in audio settings on audio system just like my kodi on the android tv (it has dts hd and true hd options while osmc doesn’t have these options ) and my tv displays the dolby atmos when it detect the dolby atmos sound and it normally works on libreelec while it doesn’t work on osmc

Which device are you using? RPi3?

Raspberry pi 4b 8gb ram model


Are you referring to Settings -> System -> Audio ?

If so what’s Settings level set to? needs to be advanced or higher to see these options.

Thanks Tom.

Hi I have set them to expert , and while they appear on kodi that is downloaded in the Android section of my tv and on libreelec, they don’t appear on osmc.

Thanks for your reply


Apologies, since posting I’ve been advised RPi4 is yet to have HD audio pass-through support. I believe this is being looked in to.

Regards Tom.

Oh gotcha, I am waiting till the release then, thank you

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Unfortunately we need Debian Bullseye which has a newer version of ALSA to support HD audio passthrough on Raspberry Pi 4.