Add anime list

Hi, I have OSMC configured and it lists very well series and movies, but when to anime, the list are just always wrong. What settings should I configure to get them configured as well as other media files?

Look at scrapers in Kodi

Settings > Addons > Install from Repository > Kodi Repository > Information Providers >

the under one of those there are anime scrapers.

and make sure that the service you match the files towards has the same name locally so if there are 2 versions of something but one was made in 2001 and one this year its tagged “moviename (year)”

hope that will get you going

In what way are they wrong? I’ve got a larger anime collection, too, and using TVDB is working very well for those.

The list created does not list all episodes and the order is different from what it shoud. For instance, the first episode of Fairy Tail (marked by OSMC) is the 45th in the reality and the first episode of Naruto (again by OSMC) is somewhere between 100 and 200.

its not OSMC its KODI

OSMC is the operating system

KODI is the player

so if there is a mismatching situation report it to Kodi forum