Add current weather to OSMC skin w/ date and time

I notice a lot of skins have the ability to show the weather, mainly temp and a little image along with the date and time in the upper right hand corner.

I seem to always try other skins out but end up always going back to to the OSMC default skin, it works great and it’s simple.

I would just like to see the weather up there along with the date and time. That is all :slight_smile: I’m easy to please.

But remember, you are not the only one to please. I think the decision was made early in the development of the OSMC skin, due to its desire to appear clean and a bit minimalist, weather would not be included. It should also be noted, in my recollection, this may be the only request we’ve seen for it ever.

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Duly noted. That also makes sense.

I don’t even use the weather app, besides it installed and configured. I just use Yahoo and type my postal code. I have the tab turned off. I just like having the temp in the corner along with the date and time.

I did some searching before I made this post and was unable to find anything that was a little close to my feature request. I just see that tickbox on most skins and I prefer to use the OSMC skin. That’s all :slight_smile:

It’s noted as a request. All requests are valid, but whether I can honor all of them, that’s a different thing tbh. There’s a weather entry in the home menu by default with a widget which should serve this purpose nicely already.

There’s no plan to add more information to the skin’s normal layout atm, sry. @ActionA correctly pointed out that this is because of our minimalistic approach. And as there hasn’t been any request closely asking for the same, I’m not sure thinking of a way to incorporate a weather icon in all views is something on the top of our list right now.

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What about just the temp and the indicated C or F? it could just be a same menu under where you check if you want the date to show up or not. I think there are only two options in that section besides customise home menu. I don’t even see the need for an icon whatsoever. It would look cleaner w/o one.

On the other hand, I completely understand where you guys are coming from but I do not think this will take away any of the minimalist nature of the OSMC skin. Small font, I don’t even see the need to add another line to the header.

I guess it’s something to think about it. I appreciate the responses though and I said what I wanted to say :slight_smile: thank you both for listening.

I just love those skins where the header is always there and I can always see the temp in the corner but I also love the OSMC skin very much. I do not even have the weather tab enabled. I keep it very simple. Movies, TV Shows, Plex, My OSMC, Settings and Power.

I noticed a lot of skins are not incorporating a current weather icon, just the temp and the indicated region format.