Add link on this site to OSMC store

The page header or footer should have at least a link to the OSMC store, and maybe one to

A lot of Google searches get results from this site, even if OSMC isn’t part of the query (Kodi searches about remotes and audio output seem to get higher hits here than the Kodi site), and a link back to the store might drive sales.

Also, sometimes I want to check something out at the store, and can’t remember the URL. So, it’s really a request for lazy people like me. :wink:

Yes, the site and header needs a re-design.

This is being worked on, but unfortunately at my sluggish (non-frontend dev) pace.

Any of your orders will be dispatched in our usual prompt time-frame :slight_smile:


I work as a fontend and a backend (php) developer, let me know if I can be of help.

We need to develop a theme for Discourse from the looks of it. There were a couple of modifications I wanted to make, but my frontend skills are quite weak.

I’ll send you a PM

Many thanks for your help!

Thank You Sam!

@nabsltd Link to OSMC store added (and other useful links too!)