Add-on "Install from zip file" option not shown

i’d like to install some add-on from zip files: select Settings,ADDon and just the list of available addon have benn shown: the “Install from zip file” is not shown.
Could you hel me?

p.s. OSMC rc2 image has been installed on Raspberry p2 b+

Works fine for me… If you can see the “…” (parent folder) under Settings>Addons>, try clicking that.

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I’m so sorry; found the option. All works right

I just switched from OpenELEC to OSMC and I also cannot figure out how to install from zip.
I am in SYSTEM > Add-Ons but don’t see it.
Where did you find it?

Got it

SYSTEM > top of list clicked ( … ) to move up and there it was.