Add open source drivers for TBS usb tuners


Is it possible to add open source drivers for TBS usb tuner cards into the kernel same as LibreELEC did?

LibreELEC have added CrazyCat fork of media_build drivers by Ijalves to the Linux 4.9 kernel in the latest KODI Krypton build.

Crazycat fork of Ijalves

Ijalves open source TBS driver

TBS open source driver (fork of Ijalves)

It would have been very nice to add this to Vero 4K. For me my self, I have the TBS 5980 Qbox Ci DVB-S2 usb tuner.

A similar package is already coming to Vero 4K. See

Let me know after the new update whether or not it is working.

@sam_nazarko any plans with merging tbs media tree into OSMC (for me rpi2/3) ?

Not at this time. I am not sure whether media build is the best solution for us on OSMC and I am not sure how stable the TBS drivers are