Add "Podcasts" to the top-level menu of the interface?

Hello, everyone.

I’d like to add a top-level menu item for Podcasts which would then be sort of a special case of how Music works in that it would point to a folder full of podcast audio I’ve uploaded to my device (Vero 4K+). I’m aware that there are podcast add-ons available that stream the podcast however my device is often operating in environments without any Internet access and so pointing the interface to a cache of content is a better option.

Is it even possible to add top-level items? I see that things like “Favorites” can be removed so…


I’ve not played with podcasts in Kodi so I don’t know if their is anything particular about them, but generally speaking what you can do depends on the skin your using. This type of filtering would normally be accomplished either by creating a smart playlist or a widget, and then adding a menu item that points to whichever you decided to go with. If you search around this forum, and the Kodi forum you should be able to find examples of this sort of thing, but being done for kids content sorting, as this is the most common use case. If your using the OSMC skin there is relevant information found in the following guide…

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Thank you so much! This has saved me a ton of time clicking around. :smiley:

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