Add repo from github

How can i add a repo from github to the vero.
I want to add the repo from marduk ( skin ) but when i use Filezilla i cant find the repo folder. Also when i copy the github file to a USB . The vero finds the file but i cant install it. I use a Mac to transfer files.

Add the URL of the repo via FileManager>add source. In addon browser>install from zip file> name of the source you added above. Repo should then be installed.

If i type in this URL nothing happens

Ask the skin developer for the proper URL you need. This is not an OSMC issue.

I know this is not a specific osmc issue, Just wondering that there must be a way to add a github repo. Maybe SSH?


You should be able to install from zip:

If you want to use ssh you can use wget to download the file, you will still need to install from zip in the kodi GUI.

Thanks Tom.