Add sdcard to vero 4kplus to install zip file

Dear all

i am trying to add a sdcard to my vero 4k plus so i can install a addon in kodi. the file is in zip format. But i forgot how to do this. Attempted the sdcard formatted as exfat but my vero does not see the sdcard.
Also i enabled use of unofficial addon repositories.

please help me

The SD card should be recognised but you could try a USB stick instead.

In Kodi’s settings>file manager try adding a source to /media (root>media) first.

I tried several things but no effect on letting my vero see the sd card. Must be the way i put it into my vero device. However i solved it by using a usb drive stick and adding it into my vero device. And my vero sees the usb drive immediately. So by using my usb drive a solved my issue.

Thank you for thinking with me.

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