Adding 4kVero wifi to Win 10

How do I add 4kvero wifi to my win 10 ? the wifi osmc not showing to the add network location and wifi is enabled on the vero?


Are you trying to access files on the vero4k?

If so please install the samba server in MyOSMC.

Thanks Tom.

You don’t typically connect the Win10 computer to the Vero directly, you typically connect both of these devices to your network and then the 2 talk via your network.

SMB would be one option but you could equally use WinSCP to transfer files.

I did thanks

I thought FTP transfer would be faster but I am getting the same 400-500 KB/s rate with samba, I know I’ve read here the only solution is to unplug my powered external hdd to plug to my PCwin10, but that’s unacceptable, it’s one reason why we have networking for


Is it working now, then?

If you are getting a slow transfer rate, try changing the wifi channel on your router. Is the wifi 2.4, 5ghz or AC?

If possible connect one or both devices wired.

Thanks Tom.