Adding a VPN?


I’m about to receive my Vero 4K+ (very excited!).

I’d like to add a VPN (Mullvad). Though not sure what the best practice is. As I wouldn’t want to use it all the time, do I install on Kodi? Or on Debian itself which would I guess would be a lot less convenient to turn on/off?

If on Kodi, is there an official/recommended Openvpn app?


You can check the forum search Search results for 'openvpn' - OSMC Forums
But most likely the most popular answer will be to use Brian Hornsby Addon

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I have found the easiest method for using openvpn is with Zomboided’s VPN Manager plugin:

It works for me with OSMC on a RPi3 without any tweaking.
It has pre-configured profiles for many VPN providers but if your provider isn’t listed, it has a “User Defined” setup wizard to allow you to add a provider.

In the past you had to install the Brian Hornby OpenVPN plugin and manually edit your .ovpn files. These days things are so much easier with the Zomboided plugin as it contains a database of most of the big VPN providers, downloads their config files and walks you through the setup.
One thing; on the Vero and Pi you won’t by default use your VPN providers’ DNS servers. This allows DNS leaks to occur. Luckily Zomboided comes with an option within it’s advanced settings called “Potential DNS fix” or something. However before you select it, you want to ssh into your Vero and install a small package called Openresolv:

sudo apt-get install openresolv

Then when you choose the Potential DNS Fix and go through the motions, you’ll be able to send all dns lookup requests through to your VPN provider whenever it is active. And when you deactivate your VPN, OpenResolv automagically restores your default DNS settings.


Thanks for the replies - I’ll try the Zomboided plugin.