Adding additional filenames for album cover art

I appreciate that this may be more of a Kodi issue but I’ve tried asking on the Kodi forum without success so hoping someone here can help.

I’ve recently reinstalled OSMC on a Pi4 with a 500GB SSD to hold my music library. The music library folders use some alternative filenames for cover art in addition to the Kodi defaults of “folder.jpg, cover.jpg, cover.jpeg, thumb,jpg”. The Kodi settings menu that is available in the Chorus browser interface doesn’t have an option to add these even with Kodi settings set at Expert level. The system normally runs headless but I also didn’t see any option for this in MyOSMC.

IN my previous installation on a Pi3, I remember adding these filenames at first-run time when still having a screen and keyboard connected but I didn’t get that this time.

Any help appreciated.

If just plugging in a screen and changing it the regular way isn’t an option it can be done with an advancedsetting.xml file like this…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
		<musicthumbs>folder.jpg, cover.jpg, cover.jpeg, thumb.jpg, custom.jpg</musicthumbs>

Do note that this will hide the setting in the GUI, however after the first reboot of Kodi the setting is changed and you can remove that advancedsetting.xml to make the setting appear in the GUI again.

Alternatively you can ssh into OSMC and manually change it with…

systemctl stop mediacenter
nano ~/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml
systemctl start mediacenter

This setting will be around line 102.

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Thanks. I’ve tried all this but not getting any impact. The appropriate line in guisettings .xml is changed and looks correct when I connect via SSH after a reboot. No impact on my Kodi browser display however.

Sorry, can’t help you out there as I just don’t know enough about that topic. What I posted above gets you the same as changing that particular setting in the GUI. How that setting works I never looked into. If your previous install was Kodi v18 or earlier then be aware that there were some changes in v19 that impacted artwork in the web interfaces but I know nothing about the details. You said you were using Chorus. Did you actually mean Chorus 2? If not you might want to try that one. Otherwise, you might want to pose the question over on the Kodi forum where you stand a better chance of finding someone with the answers your looking for.