Adding an in-line power switch to Vero 4K+

Hi, I would like to add an on / off switch to my Vero 4K+ and wondered if something like this would work okay:

Are the voltage / amps and 2.1mm barrel size compatible? If not, what do I need to look for.

Many thanks!


I don’t recommend this if your plan is to cut mains power without safely shutting down OSMC.

I don’t anticipate the switch causing problems. If it does – they should be noticeable fairly quickly (system instability).

Are you aware of the Supend option under Power which allows you to turn off and wake the device with a remote?


Thanks for the super fast reply!

It is mainly for family friendliness that we like to be able to power it off completely, as we are not using it daily. I have been powering it down from the menu, then switching off the power supply at the wall switch. But, I am relocating it to a neater place, which means, no easy access to the wall switch.

Would you still recommend suspend mode, if we only use it, say, once a week?

That method is OK.

I’d say so – the power consumption is quite low, so won’t offer much savings in terms of energy. It’s also more convenient in terms of being able to wake up the device quickly.


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