Adding callbacks to Vero V

In my old openelec/Nuc, I’d used the Kodi Callbacks add-on to run a python script when a video started to control a projector settings depending upon the pathname of the video file being played.
Is callbacks still the way to go on my Vero V ?
I hoped that in System->Add-on Browser->Install from Repository->Services I would find the Kodi Callbacks but it’s not listed so I need to somehow add that by hand ?
Many thanks,

Is it this one? It hasn’t been updated for a while, so don’t know if it still works.

I think you found the newest fork. You would probably be better asking about that add-on in its thread over at the Kodi forum though. I’m personally not aware of another add-on that allows for the same functions as callbacks.

Mmm, as you say that thread and code doesn’t give me much confidence.
‘ALL’ I need to do is run a script to pass the pathname of the file playing to another computer.
Any suggestions ?

I’d just try it and see how you get on. I could be quite just because it is working well enough for the edge cases who have need for it. I suppose you could also look into Kodi’s JSON-RPC and just have this other machine monitor what Kodi is doing as well.

Thanks for the suggestion. So would the remote computer just poll every second or something to ask what Kodi is currently playing ?

I suppose it could, similar to what I did to see when a library update is finished in the script I made [here] although you might find it better to use whatever mechanism the web interface uses for it playing status. I think that just listens in on a stream of messaging Kodi sends out. IIR figuring that one out was a bit over my head so I just polled instead.

You could probably also just tail -f | grep the Kodi log and trigger what you want from that with a local script.

Thanks, that gives me a couple of options to go at.