Adding/Deleting Music Sources and Updating Library

I have a portable HDD connected to my Vero 4K+. When I first tried to add it as a source for my Music library, I had some difficulties. I tried to follow the Kodi wiki instructions, but some of them seemed more suited for interacting with Kodi via some way other than the remote control. I finally got it to work, although when I go to Music/Files, I see my HDD, “Surround Music,” a folder I tried to add as a source unsuccessfully, and “Surround Music (2),” which is the only thing I see when I go to Music/Sources.

In addition to botching the original addition of music to my library, I also botched some tagging on some files that resulted in duplicate albums with some incorrect or missing files. I’ve fixed the tagging on the files, and now I’m ready to update my library. What’s the best way to do that, and is there any way to delete that “Surround Music” file in Music/Files that says “path not found or invalid” when I select it?

Finally, if I want to add some stereo music files to the HDD and add them to my music library, can they be in a separate folder, or do they have to go in the same folder as my present source?

When you go to the music section go to files and then either on the top level source or just the lower level folders that you changed, bring up the context menu and select “scan item to library” and select “yes” to the option of a full tag scan.

If you bring up the context menu on that folder do you not have an option to delete?

You can have more than one source

There is also an option in settings>media>library>(music library) clean library that you would use to remove music that no longer has a valid path.

I understand from the Kodi wiki and elsewhere that the Context menu is important, but I have not been able to bring it up by long pressing the OK button on the remote control.

If your using the OSMC remote the context menu is what comes up when you hit the menu button. If your using a keyboard it comes up by pressing “c”, and on a mouse with the right click button. If you are using something else like CEC with a very limited button set sometimes you have to get creative like using the keymap editor to map your remotes rw button to global navigation context menu and then use that button.

Thanks for the info! Now that I know how to access the context menu, I’m thinking about deleting the source that has the duplicate albums, making the empty source a valid one, and adding the updated files, along with the previous ones, to that source.

That should work fine.

The clean library function should remove the duplicates. Dumping everything and starting over is certainly an option but it is one that I don’t personally like to use as my audio library takes hours to rescrape. That also leaves a lot of abandoned thumbnails. If you clean and then tell it reread the tags that should actually be faster even if you are doing it on the entire source folder. If your library is a modest size then it might not matter much either way though.