Adding more apps to App Store?

I was just wondering if any more apps are currently planned to be added to the app store? Or is it possible to open it up to community submissions? I have gone through the forum and seen that there were previously possible plans on adding other torrent apps, but there is still only Transmission.

What apps do you want to add? There will be more apps with My OSMC 2.0.

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Apps I would personally like to see:

  • Plex Media Server
  • other torrent apps (ex. torrent/rutorrent)

I only plan to support one torrent client, as it’s too much maintenance otherwise.
Adding PMS is a good idea.

How about sab/nzbget, sonarr, radarr?

@pinn73 how about copyright laws?

those programs are really a grey area and can become a problem for osmc to officially support hence the how to from the community

Surely in same grey area as a torrent client, no? Or the Vero itself?

Not really

What is the current status of My OSMC 2.0? Is it expected anytime soon? Just to clarify not looking for a ETA, just want to know how it’s coming along.

It’s still a long way off yet. It would not land before Kodi v19 at the earliest


Sabnzbd and Nzbget are exactly the same as a torrent client.

Sonar and radar are a bit different though but also harmless

I’d like to see them but I still Think vero doesn’t have the oumph required to repair and unpack content in a time that’s makes it convenient to use


I haven’t looked at what it takes right now to get the Widevine stuff installed for addons like the Netflix one, but if feels like it would be much easier to be able to install Widevine from the App Store instead of a script.

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heard of a word called liability ?

you can think its all the same but big corps doesnt sonarr radarr is aimed at downloading movies and series ripped from the scene so… you do the math here

not gonna expand more on this since its pointless… we got the community howto that is probly how it will stay in the future

@pkscout is easily installed via the InputStream Helper

A simple Kodi module that makes life easier for add-on developers relying on InputStream based add-ons and DRM playback

so if a addon is using widevine it installs it if its not detected.

A vpn client?

Well if torrent and nzb clients and Tools that help you catalog your media collection are problematic then I don’t see how a vpn client wouldn’t be

A torrent client is already there, and not wanting to maintain more than one doesn’t seem unreasonable (but then my needs are not complex, so happy to use whatever is there), so I’m not sure that a vpn client would be problematic simply from a legal standpoint? Not sure what nzb clients are to be honest, so I don’t know what the problem is there.

This sounds very interesting. Would you tell us more about My OSMC 2.0? :smile: Will it have more features? Options?

It’s been discussed in the forums before – but it will be a re-write and modular approach to the current My OSMC. It wouldn’t come before Kodi v19 at the earliest.


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@sam_nazarko would like to see apps like hyperion - final release should be soon OR pyload - download client, should be rewritten to python 3 till kodi 19. :blush: