Adding SMB source at Kodi


I come from Raspberry PI 1 and Raspbmc.
Now, I have a new Raspberry PI 3 and a wonderful OSMC.
Somethings are changed, a lot of work is done since that.

Well, the question is that I usually see content form my Windows PC through Samba.

I have read all the necessary to get access from a Windows Shared folder using the settings at FSTAB file configuration as described:

I have full access throught telnet, and I see the content of the Windows Shared folder when running the ~ ls ~ command, but I am in troubles when adding it at the Kodi Interface.
How can I do that? How can I add the Windows Shared folder at Kodi Interface?
(I repeat that I have full access throught Telnet).

Thanks a lot for the help.

I’m sure there is a better way, but I go to settings/file manager and select add network location protocol SMB and use the IP/uid/pwd of the file server. Then in Video/Pictures/Music add a source using that connection where I select share and folder and name it something useful.


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Assuming you followed the guide completed and have mounted the shares in /mnt?

Then when adding a video source, browse and select root file system. Move down the available folders and select and enter mnt, you should be able to select your share folders here.

Thanks Tom.


Sry, but this has nothing to do with FSTAB mounting which the OP wants to get working…

Please, @Sekmeth, follow @Tom_Doyle’s hint. That should get you going. Adding the path mounted via FSTAB is basically adding a local path to the library: /mnt/… :wink:

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Thanks to all.
Finally the only I left was adding the source in Kodi via local storage\mnt"the name of the folder".

After that, the source is added at the Kodi Video menu.

What a donkey I am!!

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