Adding Sources (for VPN use)

Hello, I have a question about adding sources to my OSMC (RBPi2). Most my media resides on USB drives attached to an ASUS RT-N66U with CFW. It (router CFW) allows USB drives to be shared out via SMB or NFS. When added to OSMC/Kodi as SMB, They work just fine on my LAN. I saw there was (in Kodi) a place to add “UPnP Devices” so for fun i added the DLNA server that is built into the router, and an application i used to use to transcode to my PS3 called Universal Media Server.
I would like to use a VPN client so relatives can use my network shares on their RBPi2’s (running OSMC), and i have noticed that UPnP sources won’t scrape, but they DO cache 20MB (when you tap “O” on the remote it shows this) and over a VPN tunnel a 20MB cashe vs a 0kb cache (on an SMB share) would make a world of difference, as my ISP upload is around 15mbit. But the fact that my relatives couldnt scrape and thus just have text is a bummer.
So I ask if there is a way to manually set the cache for SAMBA shares/sources? (In OSMC or Kodi?) My DLNA/UMS “media servers” use the same samba shares, and they don’t transcode (to Kodi) so why is it that they build up a nice buffer where Samba shares (on OSX, WinXP, or ASUSWRT RT-N66U) do not??
Also, when doing these tests, playing from a LAN SMB share runs the RBPi2’s CPU(s) a lot harder than the UPnP/DLNA sources do… but again, they are just streaming from the same SMB shares.

Maybe this is more a Kodi thing, but is there a way to “user define” the amount of MB’s that are cached from SAMBA shares? It seems 20MB is the default/MAX for universalmediaserver and i think it was 10MB from the DLNA server. (UMS is free online if anyone wants to try this).

I know DLNA over WAN is kinda “wishful thinking” but over LAN a 20MB cache builds up in seconds… and over a VPN i would think it would work fine. We have the same routers that have a few different VPN clients/servers ‘built in’ and i’d love to give them access to my backups.

Hope that made sense, big fan of your work and congratz on the 1st stable release!!

I suspect you want buffermode 1


Thanks a lot! I looked everywhere for how to set a cache buffer… that link shows up verry small on this tablet so when I get to my tower at home I will read it through—bet that is the EXACT info I am looking for. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the prompt response, I can’t wait to check it out. I imagine reading that will answer other questions that I haveas well. I have a feeling that with a good buffer that streaming over VPN should work fine. Have you ever tried it with SAMBA shares?


I have not.

Oh. Have you ever tried sharing media (from a pi/pi2 to another pi/pi2) over a VPN? Plex does it over WAN as far as I can tell. I’d like to access my SAMBA shares on an Airplane too.

One step at a time. Thanks again!