Adding "UPS" addon board to RPi 3 with OSMC

I would like to add “UPS” board to RPi 3.
I have KLIK - Pi UPS + board. It is working great in clean Raspbian, but I need to make “Traveling Media Center & Media server” for my kids.

In Raspbian installation is very easy.
sudo dpgk - i piupsmon-0.8.deb

but in OSMC I can’t find dpgk “aplication”. I funded “dpgk” package on Debian WWW but its also .deb file.

Here is manual for this board EN Manual.

If any one would like to help me I will be obliged.
Regards Janusz

Its not dpgk

Its dpkg.

Thank You :joy:
Now it’s start working. I’m real NOOB.

But now I have another problem every time I restart RPi.
It’s look like i2c interface is off every time I doing restart.

In /boot/config.txt I have:

and after lsmod | grep i2c I have:
i2c_bcm2708 5828 0

I have to initialized i2c by (I funded this on forum) :

sudo modprobe i2c_dev

before this command I can’t find

and after every thing is working.

Is there any easy way to auto “start” i2c?

Regards Janusz

Did you look inside the Pi config section of the myosmc addon?

Thank you for very fast response.

Did you mean -> Programs -> MyOSMC -> Pi Settings -> Hardware Support ?
For now I have:

Soundcard Overlay - none
Enable LIRC GPIO support = ON

  • gpio_out_pin = 17
  • gpio_in_pin = 18
  • gpio_in_pull = OFF (I try UP & DOWN but no success)
    w1gpio = NONE (have no idea what it is)
    Enable SPI support =ON

I try to find some description off this settings but no luck.

Regards Janusz

I think I I succeeded.

To be sure I have added to:

sudo nano /etc/modules


and to:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt


Now it’s working.
Thank you for your support ActionA@.

Regards Janusz

You should never manually load anything via /etc/modules for Pi if it’s a DT overlay

Hi Sam.
I has checked that leaving only “i2c-dev” in “/etc/modules” is enough.

But I real NOOB in Raspberry Pi & Linux so I will be pleased to learn something new.
Can you tell me how it should be done correctly?

Regards Janusz