Adding Video Sources combines them into one folder

I’m sure that I’m missing something simple here.

I’m using OSMC with the last version and the Aeon MQ7 skin. When I go into “Add Video Sources”, and find my network shares, I am able to login, locate and play my media fine, however it’s all just displaying as one giant list.

I have my media organized into ‘TV Series’, ‘Movies’, ‘Kids’ etc, however OSMC is combining all of the media from those independent folders into one list. How can I seperate them?

I think part of the problem lies with having multiple sources selected. To quote from the kodi wiki:

Kodi has an “ADD” button in addition to a “BROWSE” button when you are adding a source. After you add your first location, you can add a second location (network or local. you can even mix them) and Kodi will show both folders as a single folder/source.

Is there no way to add a source and have it listed as it’s own folder?
Can anyone please advise? Thanks.


What protocol are you using? upnp, samba or nfs.

I only ask, as used to see this behavior when was sharing my media via upnp.

Thanks Tom.

SMB I believe. They’re hosted on a Windows (10) pc that is also a plex server.
I’m not using Plex in this case however.


When you add a source and select browse, which option are you selecting?

Thanks Tom.

I’m not at home, so I’m going by memory…

Videos | Add Source | SMB |

It finds my PC fine, and I enabled my login info to work for all folders on that share. As I said, everything seems to populate fine, and a couple of titles I tried, both played fine.

You need to add each type of videos separately eg. Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos then “set content type” see here

Hmm. It doesn’t look like that on my skin.

The Aeon MQ7 is supposed to be one of the best skins, and it certainly lends itself over to being a ‘media center’ type interface. I will play again tonight and see if I can’t get it configured.

In theory I suppose I could always drop back to the default skin, configure it there, and return.

Thanks for the tips.

Pay attention to number 3 at the bottom of the page, only use the ADD button if you have say Movies in more than one location and you want them combined.

Ok, I was just winging it last night when I was attempting, and I definitely added multiple folders using the "add’ tab. That page doesn’t really explain how to add multiple sources though and have them listed separately, which is what I’m trying to achieve.

This is a good idea.

It’s simple, after adding one source just click on add source and repeat

@dilligaf that is what caused the list to show all of my titles combined into one list.

I did find the answer though here . Basically you just need to create a smart playlist that filters results by their origin path. I did this for my Movies and Kids sections, and they now list seperately on the main menu, with just the appropriate titles within.

Edit: I did not need to drop back to the default skin for this, in fact, Aeon MQ7 had more options than the OSMC skin for customizing the menu. It’s a great skin, I’d recommend it to anyone.