Adding ZSwap to kernel

So ive messed around with zswap and found that the rpi kernel devs might be merging it this would help those that want/need swap like the older rpi1 and zero also for me that love that to have that little extra if and when i need it.

any plans for OSMC to support this in the kernel ?

It looks like ZSwap is already supported. The PR above just changes how it is initialised

I don’t think there is an application for it for OSMC.

Zswap isnt available on RPI kernel, same as swap either you need it or you dont and with emulation you kinda need i, when getting to the more demanding roms

It definitely exists for 4.19; but we don’t build it in as there’s no use for it presently.

fair enough i can always go with zram-config since it allow me to do the same thing without zswap module in the kernel just thought it wasnt a big deal to include.