Additional OSMC Skin addons not installing

When I am in the OSMC Skin configuration, under addons, I see the list of OSMC skin addons, but when I click on them nothing happens. If memory serves that is how you would install them in the past?

I’m using the latest update.

  1. Is this a known issue?
  2. Is there a way to do a manual install?
  1. Yes. We’ll be adding a warning to the description text of those addons soon.
  2. Yes: GitHub - kodi-community-addons/repository.marcelveldt: Kodi repository for beta versions of marcelveldt's addons

The affected addons are not needed for the skin to function properly though :wink:

Do you need them to do the backup of the config, etc?

Yes, they provide that functionality… We’d like it to work more easily, but until now the current maintainer hasn’t uploaded the v19 versions to the Kodi repo. Tbh, I have absolutely no idea why.

Sorry, I’m coming back to all of this after a while. Is v19 also referred to as Matrix? I finally got around to testing some custom addons with Python 3 so just upgraded over the weekend.

Thanks again for the help!


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