Addon development

Hello all,

I have a small project I would like to develop for my son. I have a collection of mp3s with stories for children and I throught to give him the choice of which story to listen to with an rfid card reader. the card would be written with some sort of id of the mp3 (or a youtube link) and then read by the rfid card reader. This will start the music player on kodi with the selected story or the youtube player with the link. My question is:

In order to develop this I need a lot of testing and trying (this is my first time with Python and a project like this) is it possible to install OSMC in a vm so I can do this at my desk instead of going up and down the stairs to where my main raspberry pi is running OSMC?


You would not need OSMC in the VM. Just any Debian Linux in the WM with Kodi installed on top would do the same job for testing.

Also are you aware of these projects?

Thank you for your reply! Yes I knew about the second project and that was the inspiration for what I am trying to do. I just want to take advantage of the already setup osmc install and just add to it the ability to read a card and play a music file or a youtube link. I had a look at the card reader script and will be using that to get the cards to read.

Regarding the kodi install, I will setup a vm with something like debian stretch and install kodi there. I run manjaro on my system and do not want to have issues appearing with it!

Thank you for your help!

Even Manjaro in the VM should be fine for your testing to be done.