Addon not playing stream after June update


I’m running OSMC on a Vero 4K+.

I’ve been using the updated Eurosport-V2 Addon ( which uses InputStream.

It was working fine on Friday morning but after the June update was installed on Friday evening it no longer plays streams.

Steps to reproduce:
Select addon
Select item to watch
Spinner appears as stream loads
Play icon appears in top right hand corner of screen
Screen goes black
Nothing plays and instead I’m returned to list of items to watch

The only thing I can see in the logs is this message:
WARNING: OpenStream - Unsupported stream 1001. Stream disabled.

I’ve uploaded a full set of logs to

Any help would be appreciated.


You will need contact the developer of this addon. With the latest OSMC update, Inputstream was most likely updated so the addon will also need to be updated.

Looking at the repo it hasn’t been updated in 4 months so not sure if its still being worked on.

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I have the same Problem with Emby for Kodi.

Before the Update everything was fine, now the stream just don’t starts, no error message in the gui nothing, just like the play button isn’t working.

this is what i see in the log:

2020-06-10 18:21:37.355 T:4072169472 ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 0, path []

The problem is only with the vero4k+ and Kodi 18.7

Same version on my Macbook is working fine.

BTW: Plex for Kodi plays without problems, it is just emby, and as far as i know emby doesn’t use imputstream, it is all content on my local server (NAS)


Please create your own thread that includes complete set of debug enabled logs. It’s highly unlikely to be a related issue.

Confirmed as an issue in inputstream.adaptive and fixed in the current matrix version.