Addon performance/startup speed/browsing very slow

Hello guys,

since I updated to Kodi Krypton in February Adon loading and browsing is very very slow.
For example OSMC-setting addon takes around 1:50 min to load. An other addon i programmed myself (it has 15 lines of code and just shows one dialog) takes around 15 sec to load.
All other addons are also very slow while loading/browsing, but i measured these two startup times to make clear that this is an issue which is independent from a specific addon.
The rest of the system (TV browsing/ file browsing/addon library browsing) is performing fast as hell.

I tried several system restarts and OSMC-skin as well as Estuary.

My system is:
RPi 3, newest (todays) OSMC version, 7A power supply

Complete Log (uploaded directly after opening the OSMC-addon):

Thanks a lot for your support,
kind regards,

You did not enable debug logging. There is much more info that could be relvant that we cannot see unless it is enabled.

Sorry, my fault. Here it is after opening myosmc addon. This time it took 55 seconds.

Edit: wait the webserver requests are spamming the debug log. I’ll cancel it and reupload again

Ok, here it is. This time starting the addon took 1:10 min.

Your​ issue looks very similar to mine reported some weeks ago, since krypton update here:

And here another post related to mine and I think your issue too, slow python behavior:

Finally, I figured out the reason for my slow python performance.
The reason for this was the SleepTimer Addon, which is provided by the offical Kodi repository. It has a piece of bad code in it.
That bad code is a while-true loop, which has no delay in the inside of it. That may not cause any problems on faster systems because inside of that loop a few rcp-api requests are done. These request sould produce a sufficient delay to prevent faster systems from high cpu usage, but on my raspberry pi 3 that addon produces a high system load and with that a very slow python performance as told in the original post. I provided a pull request 5 months ago which would fix that problem (Pull requests · enen92/service.sleeptimer · GitHub), but it seems, that the developer does not contribute the addon anymore. So I can recommend everyone to keep away of that addon (or to manually update the code to my branch). Hope that helps some one with similar problems.

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