Addon repository - Couldn't connect to network server

Another networking issue. I am trying to use subtitles during video playback and it informs me of not having any services installed. So off I head to Addons>Install from repository and I am given a popup message saying that
“Remote share
Couldn’t connect to network server”

I have ssh connected to the Pi and can confirm that I can ping any address, my ifconfig looks ok, and nothing else network related seems to be affected.
Happy to provide logs here: but please let me know if I should export again with different settings?

What is the url or IP of the repository which OSMC or Kodi connects to so that I can try to ping that?

Seems you have a broken Addon Database
23:36:37 25.837763 T:3025068592 NOTICE: Running database version Addons19 23:36:39 26.846090 T:3025068592 ERROR: SQL: SQL error or missing database Query: select id from system where addonID='pvr.argustv'

Suggest you do a backup and then try to delete

That fixed it and now it can browse the repo. Thank you very much :slightly_smiling:

Well question might be of your concern how did you break it.

I wish I knew, there are numerous upgrades to Kodi that run and I imagine one of them may have done it. I can’t think of anything else out of the ordinary that I have done.