Addon/skin to show Netflix with a grid of thumbnails?

instead of a boring text list:
My list
Continue watching…
Suggestions for you
Browse genres

Pardon my noobness, I’m totally new to OSMC. If this is obvious, I have somehow missed it.


Have you tried the left-side menu to change the view?

Basically, keep hitting left-arrow until the menu opens up. Usually, there will be a “View” item that allows you to change the view.

I don’t see anything like that in the OSMC skin. There are some options like that in other skins, like the KODI one.

After checking myself i can conclude there is no settings to change view in the netflix addon, there is how ever a view settings in addon settings, but you got to experiement with it. My guess is you got to chat with the developer of the addon, in order to get changed listing views.

I rather like the one from viaplay addon.