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Hi guys

Yesterday the dev of the teleboy pvr addon published a new version. When will be it delivered to OSMC repo since its build in?

New Version: 18.0.22


All Kodi Addons follow the Kodi Repository. So when it shows up there it will be available on OSMC

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hey fzinken thanks for your reply.

How can I check the repo?
i’ve checked Add-on:Teleboy PVR Client - Official Kodi Wiki
But its not showing the current version.

Is there a way in the terminal to update the repo like apt-get update^^ so i can see the changes, before hitting update in osmc?

If it is not in the official Repo your only option is install from ZIP

it is part of the official repo v18, only the version number is not listet :). Via Ubuntu ppa its already updated seeTeleboy Addon Forum (sry german^^) And I don’t understand why and which repo he use. I go ask there :smiley:

So if I don’t see any updates via myosmc or addon update, its not there and there is no way to check the repo for the current version. I will be patient and wait for the update

You can monitor the Leia Repo here

But are you actually sure that there is a ARM version of the Addon?

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cool exactly what i was looking for, yeah it’s on the rp3 image.
I guess its this one pvr.teleboy+android-ARMv7 ? update this is definitly not the right version. I tried to install it manually but if failed.

Version 18.0.22 is on the ftp but i still have 18.0.21 in OSMC Version 2018.10-1

Could there be a problem because I upgraded to Leia manually? I don’t think so, because the dist-upgrade happened 1 year ago and the last teleboy version is 18.0.21 which was released 10 days ago. But i use the

deb gmc-18 mainis there something else than dev?

update Haha just realised it forwards me to the same so dev should be right. So this addon only will be updated when osmc gets updated but not as addon update? If so how long will this take?

Upgrade History:

13  wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -
       14  sudo apt-get update
       15  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
       16  sudo apt-get install rbp2-mediacenter-osmc
       17  sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
       18  sudo apt-get update
       19  sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
       20  sudo apt-get update
       21  wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -
       22  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
       23  sudo apt-get install rbp2-mediacenter-osmc
       24  sudo apt-get update
       25  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
       26  sudo reboot


deb stretch main contrib non-free

deb stretch-updates main contrib non-free

deb stretch/updates main contrib non-free

deb stretch main

deb gmc-18 main

#deb stretch-devel main

Debian Version 9.6

The PVR add-ons are binary-addons, so they don’t come via a repository; but instead are included with Kodi and updates are delivered via the OSMC APT repository. The add-on will be updated when there is a new build of Kodi.

If you’re using Kodi Leia, then this will likely be resolved in the next available nightly.

Hope this helps



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The latest version is included in todays nightly. 17.8-354

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thanks sam and gmc. looking forward for the next nightly build as it got another fix for the addon. mutcho grande appreciated. Comercials suck^^