Adjust Display Refresh Rate setting

In the latest Vero software version, I notice that for the menu setting’s options are now “Off” and “Always” where before it had an option “Adjust display on start/stop” which was the recommended setting. It’s defaulted to “Off.” Should that be set to “Always?”

Should the Whitelist HowTo be edited to make it clear what it should be?

That’s right. I removed the Start / Stop option as it’s not recommended.

I have not updated yet, am waiting a few days. I am still on 2022.3-1
So, with the change mentioned here, what should we set the option to?
“Off” or “Always”?

Perhaps @angry.sardine can update the whitelist settings to reflect the latest changes?

Always should be the recommended setting.

Thank you.

I will look into that! (EDIT: I made a few changes to my whitelist guide!) But if you want to use the whitelist, you will definitely need to choose “Always” rather than “Off”. And I imagine most users would be better off with that setting, as not matching refresh rate to video frame-rate compromises image quality, and setting to “Off” means 4K videos will be downscaled.


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I have just updated and can confirm that the “adjust display refresh rate” is set to “OFF” by default.
If “Always” is the recommended setting, then why is this set to “OFF” by default?

It’s been the default since November 2021.

We have only made this change for new installations, and won’t overwrite existing settings.

Thanks for the explanation.
I had Start/Stop as default before.
Seeing that you have removed that setting, it looks like for anyone who updates, rather than installing from ‘new’, this setting will default to OFF. Unless they look at the setting or have read this thread, then they won’t know it is OFF.

This should not be the case – please upload some logs so we can check the current state of the setting.

With that said – we will revert this behaviour.

OK, will do that.
I have already changed it from OFF to ALLWAYS.
Won’t the logs now just show ALLWAYS?

It has been some time since I uploaded logs & I have only done so a couple of times in the past 5 years. Please refresh my memory, or point me to instructions on how to do so.

If you’ve changed it, then yes…

Do you still need logs?